Installed Lighting – Commercial

Brushy Mountain Prison: HC-22-3 FLM LED
Floodlight 500-watt Equivalent
Consumption 38 watts

Brushy Mountain Prison: HC-22 WPMDS LED
(Dark Sky rated full cutoff)
250-watt Equivalent Consumption 24 watts

Brushy Mountain Prison: HC-11 FLS LED Path Lights
175-watt Equivalent Consumption 12 watts

Trinity/HPSI: HC-22-3 WPM LED
Wall pack 400-watt Equivalent
Consumption 38 watts

Trinity/HPSI: HC-65-mini LED
Medium High Bay Replaces T-5 & T-8
Consumption 34 watts (Ceiling Height 14’)

Calvary Naperville {BEFORE} Replaced 1000-watt Metal Halide

Calvary Naperville {AFTER} Replacing 1000-watt Metal Halide with NCC HC-100-RFP LED Retro Fit (Pole Height 40’)

Calvary Naperville: HC-100-RFP LED Retro Fit:
(Pole Height 40’) 1000-watt Equivalent
Consumption less than 90 watts

Calvary Temple Naperville Main Sanctuary.
In addition to the parking lots surrounding the campus, AIP has placed these one of a kind” vertical tread lights in this beautiful sanctuary for safety of the congregants and guests.
The HC-9-SL/VT Vertical Tread Mount Luminary is a necessary addition to any location where high traffic stair travel is taking place. [DMX Controlled at Calvary Temple for dimming]

Calvary Naperville: HC-9-SL/VT LED Stair Light (Vertical Tread Mount Dimmable)
75-watt Equivalent Consumption less than 9-watts  

Maury Regional Medical Center: Sample
Replacement 400 HID Parking Pole Lighting
with Retrofit 400-watt
Equivalent Consumption 38watts

City of Whitehouse Municipal Building:
Replaced 1oo-watt Metal Halide with
BL-12 RFP LED Bollard Retrofit
100-watt Equivalent Consumption 9 watts

Gap: Replaced 100-watt HPS with
BL-12 RFP LED Bollard 150-watt Equivalent
Consumption 12 watts

Bethpage United Methodist: Replaced
250-watt Metal Halide with HC-22 RFP:
250W Equivalent Consumption 24 watts

Douglas Rd. Townhouses: 14’ Pole
Height HC-22 WPDSM LED Dark
Sky Wall Pack 250-watt
Equivalent Consumption 18.5 watts