About Us

NCCON Lighting a Division of New Creation Consulting

Provides a variety indoor and outdoor Commercial and Industrial lighting for a wide variety of applications.

NCCON is focused on state-of-the-art LED Lighting Systems that produce minimal heat (less than 150⁰ F) and have the lowest energy consumption in the market without compromising lumens per watt or total quality of light. Our systematic approach to power management is the key to the incredible reduction in energy consumed and increased lumen production.

Headquartered in middle Tennessee and manufactured in Westmoreland Tennessee, we are able to meet your needs from coast to coast. Our focus is on high efficiency, high performance, low energy consumption, custom built systems that are the most cost competitive available. Saving energy is a matter of “energy consumption versus performance”

NCC achieves this with:

• Industry leading LED chips (CREE)

• Innovative power supply and proprietary power management circuitry

• Advanced optics

• High performance components

• Made in USA

NCCON’s objective is to “Minimize our customers ROI through reduced power consumption”